Linda Qin

Linda obtained her Master of Business Administration degree from Simon Fraser University, majoring in International Business and Marketing. She has over 15 years working experience both in Asia and North America. Linda enjoys working with people, understanding their needs and assisting them achieving their goals in a target period of time.

Linda is a marketer, a negotiator and a doer. Her superior marketing and promotion expertise has helped many of her clients successfully package and sell their homes.

Linda is dedicated, hard working and knowledgeable. Here are some reasons why should choose Linda as your realtor:

  • Provide the most updated market intelligence and analysis to her clients, assist clients in pricing, targeting, promoting and negotiating;
  • Walk through every step with clients and help them adjust strategy to quickly accomplish goals;
  • Utilize multiple promotional channels to achieve the maximized exposure for the target property, including online and offline mechanism;
  • Try to accommodate buyers’ showing request at the most so not to miss any opportunity;
  • Hold effective open houses to attractive traffic

Ultimate Goal –

Sell your property at the best price in the shortest time!

Manager’s Letter

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