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Vancouver Has Highest Construction Costs in Canada

A high-quality 2,000-square-foot detached house would cost up to $460,000 in Vancouver. In Toronto, this house would cost $420,000, and in Montreal, Calgary or Halifax, the cost would run around $300,000

2018 Is The First Official Year of Canada-China Tourism

Together Canada and China have officially named 2018 the Canada-China Year of Tourism (CCYT) with the goal of creating opportunities for increased travel between the countries this year.

2017 Spring review on Real estate market

Single house market kept being down that sellers are reluctant to sell and buyers bargain for the prices. But condo and townhouse market is totally di…

What investment opportunity would bring to Tsawwassen with this new 10 lane bridge between Richmond and Delta?

BC government has invested to build new 10 lane bridge between Richmond and Delta, to replace Messed tunnel. In the future, the traffic between Richmo…

BC Considering Foreign Buyers Tax Refunds

The news that Premier Christy Clark announced exemptions for foreigners with work permits during Chinese new year, spread so quickly that many belie…

Vancouver’s Floor Space Ratio Change and More

Vancouver as well as Richmond are proposing a change to Floor Space Ratio (FSR) regulation which will be subject to approve at the council. This rati…

MLS Listing Search App in WeChat

Welcome to our new WeChat app “温哥华安居找房”, where you could search all MLS listings in Lower mainland BC. No need to download or install a…

Greater Vancouver Real Estate Market in Jan 2017

After analysing the stats released by Greater Vancouver real estate board recently, it shows that Greater Vancouver single house market beocmes buyers…

One Reason Why You Should Think About Investing In Vancouver Real Estate

In the past year, Renminbi RMB had been depreciated for about 15%. And the depreciation would continue according to multiple sources of infomation. Ho…

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